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Unit Amanah. Apa Itu Compound Interest?

Sedikit maklumat berkenaan compounding di dalam pelaburan ataupun simpanan.
Secara ringkas compound interest adalah interest yang dikenakan ke atas simpanan+interest.
lagi banyak dan lagi lama anda menyimpan, kadar peningkatan keuntungan akan lebih banyak dan lebih cepat. kadar pergerakan keuntungan adalah seperti di graf di bawah. Tahun 1-5, peningkatan graf agak mendatar. Tetapi dari tahun ke 6 peningkatan graf adalah lebih cepat. Lebih info, boleh baca dengan lebih lanjut dari penerangan di bawah.

Dari http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-compound-interest.htm

Compound interest is interest calculated on the principal amount invested, which is then added to the principal amount, and compounded again. Compound interest can be earned daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Generally the more times an amount is compounded, the more money you can make.
As long as you leave an interest earning account alone, by not removing money from it, you begin making more money on your investment (given a stable interest rate) because the money you earn is added back to the principle amount. It’s a simple fact that more money earninginterest makes you more money. Each time interest is compounded, the money earned gets added to the total.
If you were raising two rabbits, you might view a similar thing. If the bunnies produced a litter, and you kept all those bunnies, then you might have possibly eight rabbits. The original bunnies would keep on breeding, as would the new litter, and you’d end up with more rabbits then you knew what to do with. Compound interest won’t be quite that dramatic, unless you’re investing huge sums of money. The important parallel is that the first pair of bunnies (your original investment) and their offspring (interest) now combine together to produce yet more bunnies, and as combined, they will produce a great deal more than if they were sold off and separated.

What Does Compound Interest Mean?
Interest that accrues on the initial principal and the accumulated interest of a principal deposit, loan or debt. Compounding of interest allows a principal amount to grow at a faster rate than simple interest, which is calculated as a percentage of only the principal amount. 

Investopedia explains Compound Interest
The more frequently interest is added to the principal, the faster the principal grows and the higher the compound interest will be. The frequency at which the interest is compounded is established at the initial stages of securing the loan. Generally, interest tends to be calculated on an annual basis, although other terms may be established at the time of the loan.


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